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Our sister company, Universal Chilling systems goal is to provide affordable cooling solutions to a wide range of industries by offering both Standard Packaged units, as wells as customizable units built to your specification. These compact, all-in-one chillers are designed and tailored with serviceability and maintenance in mind. The No-Tools removable panel provide instant accessibility to all major components. 

Every Unit is built with the below industry renowned components and a following series of safety protection devices implemented to safeguard and extend the life of your chiller:

Overload Relays  • Phase Monitor  • High/Low Pressure Switches  • Water Flow Switch  • Water Level Indicator  • Anti-Freeze Protection

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Air Cooled Chillers

Universal Chilling Systems produces Air Cooled Chillers in two variations in order to fit your budget: AR3 & V Series. Universal Chilling Systems uses its 75 years of experience and expertise in every air-cooled chilling unit we produce. With precision planning and precise engineering, Universal Chilling manufactures air cooled chillers that meet every set of requirements and perform regardless of the conditions. Air cooled chilling equipment from Universal Chilling are highly technical refrigeration systems that are designed for any type of use. The name Universal Chilling Systems can be found at restaurants, hotels, industrial production operations, sporting events, & more!

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Water Cooled Chillers

The key to the successful performance of any water cooled chilling system is the quality of the components used to produce it. This is where Universal Chilling Systems separates themselves from their so-called competitors. As a highly successful leader in the chiller industry, Universal Chilling Systems is known for its meticulous attention to detail, its highly qualified staff, and as the company that stands behind its performance. They are proud of the products they produce and stand with their customers to ensure those products perform up to Universal Chilling Systems’ high standards.

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Glycol Chillers

We have designed our Air Cooled Glycol Chiller to fit a range of Low Temperature Applications. Our units are rated to provide you a set cooling capacity at 5°F, that is 15 degrees lower than other chillers on the market.​

We understand that not every application requires such low temperature and thus we have provided a Cooling Capacity by Leaving Fluid Temperature Charts for our most popular models.​

Glycol is recommended for all units when operating temperatures reach below 41 °F (5 °C).

"Universal Chilling Systems customers know that they are getting top quality, state-of-the-art units from a staff of engineers and designers that has experience in a wide variety of industrial settings."

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Ask about our Water-cooled & Low Temp Glycol Chillers!


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